According to a recent home design survey, outdoor spaces are still all the rage in 2022. This is a side effect of the pandemic’s home improvement trend, as well as a desire to spend time outdoors after months of confinement.

Are you among those itching to shake off the winter blues with some sublime warm-weather outdoor relaxation? Get started with these tips and ideas for getting your patio summer-ready.

1. Start Scrubbing

A great design needs a clean start. So, before you start primping your patio for warm sunny days, get stuck in with a leaf blower and pressure cleaner.

The tools get rid of all the grime and residue that are so last season. Every patio benefits from spring cleaning before summer rolls around.

2. Time for a Facelift

As you go along, take note of any imperfections or necessary patio repairs. Fill in chipped concrete and seal it against the coming summer heat.

If you have a wooden deck, fix any popped nails, replace damaged boards and sand down and reseal any splintered places. A sealer or stain looks great and also protects the wood from the weather.

Inspect any container plants for signs of disease, and clean and repaint any shabby containers. If you’ve lost a few plants over the winter, replace them with hardier, structural specimens to catch the eye.

3. Light it Up

String lights and lanterns add a relaxed, romantic glimmer to any outdoor space. You can attach them to your umbrella or siding with hooks and clips.

Solar-powered faux candles with timers ensure your patio gets its glow on right around the time you’re enjoying your sundowners or a pre-dinner cocktail with guests.

4. Take a Look at Your Landscaping

According to, your landscaping speaks volumes about who you are. So, it’s important to ensure you’re creating a good impression.

Like any plant, weeds get a new lease on life in the springtime.

So, check your stone patio and surrounding garden beds for unwanted specimens. You can pull them out or address the issue with an organic herbicide.

Polymeric sand is a great addition to gaps and helps prevent weeds from coming back.

5. Pimp Your Patio Furniture

Inspect your patio furniture for wear and tear. Repurpose last-season fads and herald the start of the new season with one or two new items.

It’s easy to freshen up the look of your patio with some new cushion covers or outdoor plants. Bright accents increase the fun aspect of any space.

Once you’ve decided what to keep, send it off to the dry cleaners or wash, dry, and press it yourself to ensure a fresh start to the summer.

More Summer-Ready Spaces

A summer-ready patio is your gateway to outdoor enjoyment all season long. So, take some time to prepare it for the warm weather bliss to come.

If you want to evoke a more resort or beachy vibe, spruce up your patio with tropical colors, seashell decor, and maybe more colorful umbrellas and beach chairs. That way, you’ll feel as though you are on an island paradise even on your own patio.

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