When buying from big enterprises online, transactions can feel cold and impersonal. After all, you’re one out of millions pumping money into their vast revenue.

That’s what makes small business e-commerce different. Because you’re not one out of millions.

In this article, were going to explore the different factors that make finance for customers of small businesses better and give examples of them in action.

So if you’re a consumer or a small business owner, then keep reading!

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the perception the customer gains from interacting with the business. While enterprises have millions of customers, small businesses don’t.

That means customer retention a top priority.

Small businesses will go above and beyond to ensure customer happiness. They do this by adding a personal touch. Some businesses will include a personal thank you note in the package or send emails checking in to make sure the order was perfect.

They’ll be more responsive. If there’s an issue or concern, you’ll have a human representative working with you to fix the issue, rather than a bot. Your voice also has a real impact on the actions the business takes. They use surveys so they can continue to improve their e-commerce experience and make it better.

Complete Transparency

Small businesses can offer complete transparency.

Transparency has become a hot topic in the business world. Big corporations are being exposed for their lack of eco-friendly practices, diversity, and corrupted work regulations.

While some companies have “stated” their efforts to change these perceptions, there are still many hoops to jump through. Decisions take years to be made due to the convoluted legal network controlling the company executives.

But with small businesses, this isn’t an issue.

Instead, they build their businesses from the ground up with transparency in mind. On their websites, you can find reports of how they source their materials and where it’s made.

They also produce less pollution as they don’t make as many different products as big businesses. They often have a more selective and niche catalog. Like this website that offers specific services, done well.

Top Examples

Here are some examples of businesses that put into action the themes we’ve talked about.

Warby Parker is an online eyeglasses shop that offers fashionable frames without expensive price tags. Warby Parker adds a personal touch to their e-commerce by using story-telling throughout the customer’s experience. You get to see the store’s journey from beginning to end.

Everlane focuses on radical transparency. Their marketing strategies revolve around giving customers complete access to their clothes production. On their website, you can see a full explanation of where the materials and clothes are made. This takes customer experience to a new level of inclusion.

Small Business E-Commerce—The New Standard of Customer Experience

Small business e-commerce is changing the playing field for customer experience, by making it personal and transparent. Small businesses show that customers should be a priority, not the last thought. It offers better customer service because it’s an active process they’re constantly working to improve.

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