The rain, snow, or mud will not stop a puppy from going outside. It’s safe to say that your puppy’s paws won’t be clean. As much as you try to keep your floors clean, your puppy might not help out.

It’s best to try to keep your puppy’s paws clean as best as you can. Doing so can help keep your home clean and stop your puppy’s paws from smelling bad

Read on to learn how to clean your puppy’s paws the right way. 

Use a Wet Wipe

As part of your puppy care routine, you should use wipes to clean the paws. It’s best to use dog wipes that are labeled safe for pet care. The wipes humans use can contain chemicals and fragrances that are bad for a puppy’s health. 

If you can’t find dog wipes, you can use a soft washcloth. Soak it in warm water. If your dog’s paws are extra dirty, you can add a dab of dog shampoo. 

Wash Dirty Paws

If the paws need more than a minor cleanup, you’ll need to wash them. This will be the case if there’s mud or debris stuck between the pads or on the foot. A thorough wash will do the trick. 

A sink with a sprayer is ideal for this. You can also do it in a bathtub. 

Clean Around the Toes and Nails

Check between the toes and nails. Dirt can build up between your puppy’s toes and underneath the nails. Failing to clean the dirt can lead to irritation. 

You can remove the nasty stuff away from these areas by cleaning between the pads. Separate your puppy’s claws as you clean these areas. 

Use Booties When You Can

Booties are more than a fashion statement. Booties are a good way to protect your puppy’s paws from the elements. A good pair of booties can keep the paws free of salt and debris. 

Clean Cuts on Paws

After walking your puppy, check for cuts, scrapes, and blisters. You must clean up a cut to prevent an infection. 

Start by washing the paw with warm water. This will help to remove debris. You’ll have to dry the paw and apply a small amount of antiseptic. 

If the cut is severe, you should take your puppy to the vet. In such a case, it’s best to let a professional care for the cut. 

Keep Foot Hair Trimmed

Is your new puppy going to have long hair? You’re going to have to keep the hair short between the pads. Doing so will help prevent the accumulation of debris. 

There are dog grooming places that provide trimming services. You’ll need to find one near you to make frequent appointments. 

Use These Cleaning Tips to Help Keep Your Puppy’s Paws Clean

Giving your puppy some TLC is a must. Use these tips to help keep your puppy’s paws clean. You’ll protect their health and avoid a mess around the house. 

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