Many will agree that «pictureless» walls look boring. Your home is not just a personal space. This is a small world that you create yourself. Most people today are forced to live in apartment buildings. A concrete box consisting of four walls, a ceiling, and a floor can be called a warm word “house” only when you revive it, and fill it with things that bear the imprint of your personality. And one of the ways to do this is to decorate the walls with artistic canvases.

People buy paintings for different reasons. Some buy works of art for the love of art itself. For them, it is a source of aesthetic pleasure. Others look at the painting from a practical point of view, perceiving it as an opportunity to change or complement the interior. And in the eyes of some, paintings are, first of all, an object of luxury and an indicator of prestige.

Sooner or later, all of us were given the choice to choose a picture for our home or work, as a gift to colleagues or friends, relatives, or ourselves. We see everywhere a lot of advertisements, a lot of shops, in the range of which there are paintings of a diverse nature: starting from simple works of art, ending with multi-panel paintings with our portrait images. Now the choice is really huge, and the choice is of quite good quality, and this is what prevents us from choosing: we ourselves do not know what we want, because we want everything. Let’s then sort it out and push back first of all from what we want.

Genre appropriateness

Be sure to consider the functional features of the room. For the bedroom, lyrical, soothing images, executed, for example, in the pastel technique, are more suitable. The plot, which, for example, can be chosen, views of the calm sea surface. Decorate the child’s room with bright, cheerful, and perhaps even silly drawings. In the dining room, still lifes with appetizing compositions will fit in as best as possible. In the living room, you can buy landscape, genre, or architectural paintings, portraits, and paintings of animals. In the working room, as a rule, there should be more strict images.

It is important that the picture corresponds to the aesthetics of the room. When the interior is created, say, in a high-tech style, the presence of a canvas with a classic landscape in the spirit of Shishkin on the wall will most likely be inappropriate. Especially if it is framed in a massive frame with an antique imitation. In an interior designed in the spirit of the 19th century, in a room with antique carved furniture, you should not hang hooligan abstraction on the walls either. Someone will object: what is bad about eclecticism? Nothing but experiments on a harmonious combination of styles are better entrusted to professional designers.

Versatility, however, is considered to exist as well. For example, universal plots of abstract art or map art can suit any interior design: both traditional and modern. It all depends on what meaning you will invest in the art object and what functional value it will carry. Especially elegantly the world map black and white from TexelPrintArt looks on the walls – it is simply the most gorgeous source where you can find any artwork of any taste. Nowadays, lots and lots of different genres and compositions are there to create a special atmosphere at your home. Find what suits your space best and benefit from it.

Pictures as a way to change perception

It is difficult to argue with the fact that the space in which we have to spend a lot of time is able to influence our internal state in one way or another. The interior can please and calm or, on the contrary, cause anxiety and nervousness. Sometimes they talk about such a concept as the psychological atmosphere in the room. Agree, it is extremely important that it is favorable both at home and at work.

In many ways, the mood in which a person is inside the room is created by the works of art there. Looking at the pictures you choose, other people will involuntarily draw certain conclusions about you. This is especially important when it comes to the workspace where you interact with your customers. Pictures are perceived by them as a “business card” that carries information about your image and concept of activity. Therefore, it is worth making sure that this information reflects the truth and creates a good impression.

When choosing a picture, try to evaluate what feelings and thoughts arise when you look at this or that work of art. Please note that your perception is influenced not only by the plot but also by the manner of writing, and the color palette of the picture. And although there are certain criteria by which the artistic value of a canvas is assessed, you do not have to be a sophisticated connoisseur of art. It is enough just to listen to yourself, your heart, and your intuition.

Pictures in the interior

It often happens that people want to update their home, and refresh it, but at the same time, they are not going to make a major repair, radically changing the entire interior. In this case, a tastefully selected picture will be able to perfectly refresh the usual environment. It can become the main highlight of the interior, its central object. And sometimes the canvas is used as a distracting element that diverts people’s attention from any imperfections in the design of the space. But usually, the picture just serves as a harmonious addition to the interior.

Many have to face the fact that the living or working space is too small or looks too close. Existing furniture can create a feeling of heaviness and bulkiness. It is not always possible to solve this problem radically by demolishing walls or throwing away part of the furniture. Using pictures, sometimes it is possible to create the illusion of a freer space, to visually expand it. Before choosing a picture, formulate a goal and task in interior design.

Consider the color tone of the room. If the picture contrasts with it, attention will be paid to it. The area of ​​the room is also important. For small rooms and offices, it is better to choose several miniatures with thin, elegant lines, and in spacious rooms, you can hang canvases of larger sizes, created with large, sharp strokes. You also need to think about lighting. Depending on it, the painting can look different. In some cases, it is good to create separate lighting for the picture.

In fact, there can be many tips, but the most important thing is to highlight the key points from them. Since sometimes their amount can make you dizzy, you should not expect more benefits from them. Therefore, read them, but do not stress too much, because you are unlikely to take anything useful for yourself from the advice. 

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