Commercial plumbing services are a crucial requirement for businesses and industry. A commercial plumbing services company will have a proper license and valid insurance to work on your property. You need not risk a shoddy job done by a handyman that may cause damage, which may incur additional repair costs.

A commercial plumbing service will be in code compliance, giving you peace of mind that the work will make the grade on all inspections. In addition, your plumbing installation services and repair will also be insured, therefore you will not be responsible for any damages should they occur at a later date but onus will fall on the commercial plumber.

Professional plumbers are on call to go to a commercial building quickly and identify and resolve the problem promptly. They have the knowledge, expertise, tools, and equipment to fix a major commercial plumbing problem.

When a business hires a commercial plumbing service, it will benefit from expert plumbing services that include:

Pipe Upgrades

Many commercial buildings are serviced by old pipes that are not in compliance with current codes and may spew out foul-smelling potable water. Commercial plumbers have the experience to install and service water pipes in crawl spaces. In addition, a commercial plumber will service gas lines and help in detecting a risky gas leak.

Commercial plumbers will recommend pipe upgrades should they notice:

• Low water pressure

• Old pipes

• Unpleasant odours emanating from your fixtures

• Water stains on walls or ceilings

• Sluggish drainage

• Gurgling sounds

A commercial plumbing professional will employ the latest technology to easily and effectively restore your pipes with new upgrades without any risks for property damage when compared with a handyman.

Installation Services

Commercial plumbers are capable of installing all types of plumbing fixtures and parts, including whole plumbing systems. They can install sinks, faucets, toilets, hand-free faucets, showerheads, air dryers, low-flow toilets, commercial garbage disposal systems, and water meters, among others. They can also install complex pipe networks for small and large businesses.

Drain and Sewer Line Services

Commercial plumbers can expertly service drains and sewer lines. They can remove clogs, clean drain lines using sophisticated technology, conduct video inspections of lines, and remove hard-to-remove materials from the lines such as grease, mineral and soap deposits.

Water Heater Services

Commercial plumbers repair commercial water heaters. They can fix hard water issues, clean out hard deposits from the tank and water lines, maintain heating elements, check for carbon monoxide (CO) levels, detect leaks, replace corroded parts, check and repair or replace such valves like the emergency shut-off valve, ensure that water heaters are working properly and ensure adequate water pressure.

A commercial plumbing system is both complex, fragile, and extensive, which is why it must be serviced by professional plumbers.

Licensed plumbers offering commercial plumbing services have the expertise and tools to make sure a commercial building is in compliance with all government codes.

To sum it up, commercial plumbers guarantee their work and also offer product warranties. Choose a professional commercial plumbing service near you that will stand behind its work with warranties on parts and labour.


Is a commercial plumber a better option than a residential plumber?

Commercial plumbers face almost thrice the complexity of problems compared with their residential counterparts. A family home may have up to 12 people consistently using the plumbing system, while commercial plumbers could be looking at 1,000’s of people constantly putting pressure on the system daily.

How is commercial plumbing different from residential?

Residential plumbers are good at cleaning blocked drains and fixing washroom problems, preventing water leaks, and dealing with broken pipes, which are just a part of a regular day’s work while commercial plumbers service a complex sets of different problems on day-to-day basis. They use a wide range of experience with technology and products that residential plumbers would not have. They may need to work on burst water mains, make repairs to large water or heating systems in high-rises or maintain drainage systems for a whole community. They key difference here is that commercial plumbers have the proper tools to service problems that are large in magnitude.

How much do commercial plumbers charge?

A commercial plumber’s hourly rate can range from $80 to $135, including overheads and profit. The cost of hiring a commercial plumber will depend on the scope of work, your location and their experience level, according to Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36.

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