For air conditioners to function smoothly, they need a bit of care. Most of what is needed to keep your air conditioner working well can be done by you. 

When you service your AC regularly, you automatically cut costs. It will always be in great condition. Why do you need regular maintenance on your AC? Also, how can you do the maintenance by yourself? Keep reading. 

Why You Need to Take Care of Your AC ?

Many of the issues air conditioners develop come from neglecting different warning signals. According to experts, regular maintenance of ACs often allows users to identify these warning signals before they develop these problems.

A refrigerator leak, for instance, is harmful to human health. Maintaining your AC prevents this. It also saves you money in the long run.

When you fail to maintain your air conditioner, some specialists may take advantage of your ignorance and recommend what’s not needed. You don’t want this to happen to you. If you have basic knowledge about the maintenance of an AC, you won’t fall for such recommendations about false upgrades and procedures.

Best Ways to Keep Your AC in Good Shape 

You can maintain your air conditioner by using a combination of these five methods.

Buy a thermostat you can program

You need this if you use a modern air conditioner. What does a programmable thermostat do? It is a great tool that saves you money on energy bills. All you need to do is install this device and then program the AC to rest at several temperatures. Program what you want for different periods of the day.

Always change the filters 

So how often should this be? If you live in an area where air conditioning is required almost all year, once or twice a year is insufficient. Experts suggest that you change the filters in your AC every one to three months. Again, the air quality in the region you live in will still determine this. But the more you use your air conditioner, the more frequently you will need to change or clean the filters.

Keep the condenser covered

The condenser in your AC needs special care. Don’t wrap it with a tarp. If you do, there could be a fire hazard. Always cover the top of the unit with thick plywood, especially when the summer season subsides. 

The air conditioner unit should be cool 

One effective way to enhance the life span of an air conditioner is to keep the shades down, especially during the day. For the sake of intense sun, awnings can also be installed. They shield your windows that face south.

Another cooling method is to run your air conditioner with fans. This helps the cooled air circulate better. 

Pay attention to air conditioner leaks

All AC leaks must be fixed when discovered. Did you know that ducts may lose about thirty percent of their airflow due to leaks? Properly sealing the window air conditioner units is a tough task. When you observe any leak in your AC, find a way to fix it before it becomes complicated. 


You will save more money and time when you make efforts to maintain your AC system. Get a programmable thermostat. Cover the condenser of the AC. Also ensure that you replace the filters frequently, especially if you use your AC regularly. Don’t forget, a certified builder in Terrebonne will be best to call for your air conditioning issues and heat pump installation services.

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