A wedding reception celebrates the commitment you have to your partner. It allows you to share your love with others, such as family members and friends. You may want to have a small wedding reception with under fifty guests in attendance. Or you may want a larger reception with over two hundred guests. Whatever size reception you’re looking at, you need to plan what you want and why.

Find the Right Location

Saying your vows and making that commitment will feel even better when you do it in the right location. The location that you choose may be dependent on the style of wedding you are going for (and the theme if you have one). You may find that historic wedding reception locations suit your classical theme perfectly. Or you may find a location close to where you met your partner (or even had your first date) is more memorable, special, and right for you. When you’re looking at locations, also consider accessibility, cost, and availability as you don’t want to get your heart set on a venue only to find out it’s booked up for the next two years!

Think About the Whole Day

When you’re planning your wedding reception, it can be easy to get caught up in planning every single aspect or detail, which can have a negative impact. It can make you feel like what you’re doing is inadequate, and this can hinder your whole wedding day. To stop micromanaging the reception, you need to think about the whole day. What will it look like, and most importantly, what will it feel like? Holding onto these feelings and plans will help you overcome the minor obstacles and put together a reception (and wedding day) that’s truly memorable.

Reach Out to a Wedding Planner

You don’t have to plan your reception all by yourself, and sometimes a little help along the way can be hugely beneficial. A wedding planner can help you put together the pieces of your reception, and help you find suppliers and providers. They can help you with as much as you need them to. Wedding planners often have contact with other industry professionals, and this can help you to save money. They can even arrange details such as transport for your big day, such as a limo rental ottawa service. Getting to your venue on time and in style is important after all!

Set a Timescale

When you can plan a reception in advance, you can create a timescale. A timescale will help you work out what needs to be done, when, and why. Without a timescale, you may forget to do things in relation to planning your reception. Or you may miss critical details or points which you wanted featured. A timescale that works backwards from your big day, and from your reception will help you to take control of your time.

Put A Budget in Place

Wedding receptions can cost a lot of money, so setting a budget is a necessity. A budget is going to help you stay in control of all the bills and outgoings that you have. A broken-down budget that covers venue hire, entertainment, food, beverages, and décor will allow you to see what you’re spending (and what you can afford to spend).

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