Granite and stone are taking over home design. With the many options in colors and patterns, people are trying to find different ways to incorporate them into their kitchens. They like the fact that the materials feel rugged and luxurious at the same time. If you are a fan of stone and granite, here are a few design hints to add to your kitchen.

  • Create a Granite Kitchen Hood

Most kitchen hoods are made from stainless steel and other metallic materials. Homeowners find it to be the safest choice, as it is heat-resistant and can be purchased in a variety of colors. That being said, there are plenty of materials that can add a different type of elegance to your home.

Granite kitchen hoods are a pricier addition that may require delicate installation. At the same time, the right granite pattern can draw attention, creating a break from the usual design. A good tip would be to also carry the granite over the wall until it meets the hood. This will lead to a seamless look that may highlight the stone’s beauty.

  • Incorporate Granite Shelves

Shelves are very popular nowadays. People are installing them in favor of closed cabinets, as they open up the space and make it easier to reach the kitchen items. A classic material used for the shelves is wood, but few people know that you can get creative.

Granite shelves can bring a different look to your kitchen, making the overall design appear more luxurious. For a consistent design, you should use the same type of granite or stone that you used to create the countertops. Chunky edges can give your kitchen a rugged appearance while maintaining a luxury layer.

  • Use Granite Handles and Knobs

Most kitchens have doorknobs made of classic materials such as metal or wood. The look is becoming dated nowadays, which is why homeowners are looking at handleless cabinetry. They have a different kind of elegance, making them a perfect choice for a luxurious-looking kitchen.

What many people do not know is that wood and metal are not the only choices in terms of handles and doorknobs. Granite options are also available. These knobs can add texture to your kitchen cabinets while ensuring a luxurious feel to the space.

They are also more durable and easier to clean as compared to the classics. It may be a small detail, but it can make a great difference in your kitchen design.

  • Use Quartz Stone for Budget Projects

For those who cannot afford granite or marble countertops, quartz is a less expensive alternative. The surface is heat resistant and can reflect a lot of light. Quartz is a non-porous rock, which means that it is less likely to become stained.

“About 75 percent of our clients are opting for quartz over granite. More people want a contemporary aesthetic in the kitchen, and the clean look of quartz goes with that. Granite goes better with traditional decor,” says Case executive vice president, Bill Millholland.

  • Use Glossy Granite for Better Light

Kitchens need a lot of light since they are used every day for cooking. To make the most out of your available lighting, you should place small spotlights underneath the cabinets or the kitchen island. This will cause it to reflect in the granite, which further bounces it across the room.

Matte stone is often popular for kitchens, especially larger ones. For smaller rooms, it is recommended you install granite countertops with a glossy surface. This may aid the reflection process even further.

  • Natural Stones Backsplashes Are Trending

Natural stone has also become very popular with backsplashes. Most people use tile, as it is easier to clean and less expensive. That being said, natural stone can help you create a variety of designs, depending on the surface that you opt for.

“Choose a colorful slab as the centerpiece and decorate around it. Go for monotone or high-contrast themes. Other options include adding light under your cabinets to highlight your backsplash, and book-match or vein-match whenever you can,” recommends Nancy Epstein, the founder of Artistic Tile.

The Bottom Line

Granite and stone can be used in various ways in your kitchen. You just need to be creative enough. Remember that for a seamless look, you may work with matching stone slabs. This way, your kitchen will feel more luxurious and fit for royalty.

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