It’s an amazing feeling when you’re getting ready to buy a home. You start looking at houses and dreaming about how you can fill them with furniture, art, rugs, and plants. The thrill only lasts so long, however, until you start thinking about actually designing the interior of your home.

How will you arrange everything? Will it all fit? What color scheme will you use?

These questions can be overwhelming, but there’s an easy solution. Many prospective homebuyers will start following home decor blogs before they even buy a home. Home decor blogs are filled with design inspiration that can help you plan out your home’s look and feel. 

The article below contains a list of the best home decor blogs on the internet today. You can use this list to find an interior design blog that will help you turn your new home into the beautiful house you’ve always imagined. Continue reading to learn more about the most popular home decor blogs. 

All Sorts Of by Amber Lewis

The first of the home decor blogs on this list is run by a professional interior designer.

Amber Lewis creates blog posts detailing how she and her clients come to decisions about how to decorate homes. Amber also shares ideas from her own home. 

or example, a recent post goes into detail about how Amber uses home decor ideas in her closet. Whether you’re looking for a professional who can help with interior decor or you just want some inspiration, All Sorts Of by Amber Lewis is a great place to start. 


While the name might sound silly, this next blog on the list delivers serious design inspiration.

The COCOCOZY blog is run by Colette Shelton, a home furnishings designer in Los Angeles. The blog itself is filled with many different types of interior design styles.

You’ll find everything from Victorian style to rustic industrial looks. The blog also does a great job of recommending different pieces of furniture that you can include in your home’s interior design. 

Bright Bazaar Blog

The great thing about the Bright Bazaar blog is that it’s always bright and cheery. The blog keeps things light while also providing some useful design tips. The blog is especially useful for people who want to make small renovations to their homes, such as in the bathroom or kitchen.

The blog will tell you how to think about home decor and interior design rules when making these renovations. 

Reviewing the Best Home Decor Blogs for Design Inspiration

Now that you’re familiar with the top home decor blogs on the internet, you’re ready to start gathering ideas from the blogs that appeal to your tastes. Be sure to bookmark these blogs so you’re able to find them when it comes time to decorate your new home.

If you’re interested in learning more about interior design, you can follow along with all the blog posts that are going live on this website each week. 

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