You came home from a long work day, eager to grab a quick dinner and rest for the night. Stepping into the kitchen to grab some food, you realize you’re standing in water that certainly wasn’t there when you left for the morning.

Pushing start on the dishwasher before leaving home, you come home to find water pooling beneath it. Before you hit the panic button, read on for a handful of common reasons to have your dishwasher leaking and what solution you need.

Time to Replace the Door Gasket

One of the most frequent causes of a leaking dishwasher is the need to replace the door gasket.

Over time, the rubber gasket seal can dry out and become less effective in keeping the water inside your dishwasher. If the gasket is dried out or you find dried foods coating the gasket, you will want to replace this part.

Head to your local home improvement store to purchase a new gasket and consult your appliance manual to replace the old with the new.

Clogged Dishwasher Filter

Another common reason for a dishwasher not working is a clogged filter. This filter can become clogged with food particles. When the filter is clogged, the water cannot drain and becomes trapped in the basin of your dishwasher.

You will need to locate and clean your filter to release the clog and prevent future clogs, unpleasant smells, or leaks from your dishwasher. It also helps to rinse your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher to remove excess food and debris that could clog your filter.

Worn, Damaged, or Loose Valves or Hoses

Like other appliances in your home, dishwasher parts don’t last forever. If you have a leaking dishwasher, you could have worn or loose valves or hoses causing the leak.

If the connections to and from your dishwasher are cracked or loose, water escapes during the washing process. Thankfully, these are typically repaired by replacing the damaged valves and hoses or tightening loose parts.

Before you assume you have a broken dishwasher and start shopping, call the experts to inspect and repair your appliance with minimal stress and headache.

Dishwasher and Door Alignment Issues

A dishwasher issue you might not be aware of could be an alignment issue. This misalignment may be with the washer itself or with the door.

Inspect your dishwasher door first. If the door latch is bent or loose, or the door is off-center when opening and closing, you could have an alignment issue. Try tightening or repairing the latch to ensure a proper close.

If the dishwasher itself is uneven, this could cause the water to leak out. Using a level, check the alignment of your appliance. Use shims to adjust where needed and measure the unit again.

Problem-Solving a Dishwasher Leaking and Finding the Right Solution

Coming home to a dishwasher leaking can make for a rough evening. Before stressing or shopping for a new appliance, use the list above to troubleshoot issues with leaking dishwashers. Call for a dishwasher repair service to ensure your safety and bring your kitchen back to a functional state.

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