Determining the duration of resolving a dog bite claim is challenging due to multiple factors, including recovery time, the severity of the injuries, and whether the case will go to court. Victims who sustain injuries after a dog bite may seek compensation for pain and suffering and lost wages if the dog owner is found to be negligent.

The Duration for a Dog Bite Settlement

There are multiple factors affecting the time frame of a dog bite settlement. The most relevant ones include the following:

Severity of Injuries

The severity of injuries from a dog bite directly impacts medical expenses. Severe injuries attract high medical bills and vice versa. Medical bills are a significant economic loss, and it’s crucial to have a guarantee that you will secure fair compensation for medical expenses. Significant medical expenses take time as they require your lawyer to present documentation and negotiate with the insurance company to support your claim.

Recovery Time

Healthcare professionals should assess the amount of money to cater for future and current medical bills. Progress is slow sometimes, and victims must wait for an additional duration to enable the dog bite attorney to calculate compensation for such medical expenses. Working with Reinartz Law Firm dog bite injury attorneys is essential as they have tons of experience in dog bite cases, allowing you to secure the medical costs in totality.

Insurance Company

Insurance companies are often there to make money. As a result, most insurance companies will attempt to underpay dog bite victims regardless of the nature of the injuries. Some insurance providers will demand additional evidence and information to support the claim, while others offer unfair settlements. The negotiation and payment of the claims process take time in most cases.

Personal Injury Claim Following a Dog Bite

Insurance companies often make an unsatisfying offer to the dog bite victim. When that happens, the injured individual should initiate a personal injury lawsuit to secure fair compensation. A jury will assess the case in court to establish its direction. Filing a personal injury lawsuit has numerous downsides, with the most important being the much longer duration of resolution. Most insurance companies make new offers to victims to minimize the possibility of going to court. The approach is essential as it enables you and your lawyer to restart negotiations regarding the case without necessarily going to trial.

What to Do After a Dog Bite

Victims who get bitten by a dog should follow the following steps:

  • Seek medical care: Health is crucial to consider following an accident. You should immediately call an ambulance following the dog bite to secure medical attention. Seeking medical attention is essential to minimize the severity of injuries.
  • Gather the dog owner’s information: Once you ensure your physical integrity is safe, you should secure as much information regarding the owner and the dog as possible. Obtain their contact information, their insurance company information, and the dog’s name
  • Contact the authorities: Dog bite victims should contact the authorities following the incident. Communicating with the police about the incident allows you to secure a police report that acts as evidence for the dog bite claim.
  • Gather evidence: Take as many videos and photos of the injuries at the location where the attack took place. Retain copies of your test results, medical records, and everything related to the care you receive. Avoid changing the clothes you were wearing following the incident, as they can also serve as evidence in your claim.
  • Talk to witnesses: Request the contact information of the person who saw the attack. That way, they can present a statement in the future to justify your claims.
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer: Hiring a reputable personal injury attorney is crucial. A seasoned lawyer improves your chances of securing fair compensation.

Dog bites cause costly and painful injuries. Victims of such incidents can pursue compensation for the injuries with the help of a reliable personal injury attorney.

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