Did you know that up to 50 million Americans have acne each year, making it the most prevalent skin ailment in the country?

Those who suffer from acne know how it can negatively affect their self-esteem. Many assume that clear skin comes naturally and is the product of their genes, but this is not entirely true.

There are several things you can do to give yourself healthy skin. If your goal is clear skin, here are our top tips to help improve your skin overall.

Have a Skincare Routine & Stick to It

Start by washing your face twice daily with gentle cleansers that remove dirt and oil. Use lukewarm water and wait at least 10 minutes before applying moisturizer.

Moisturize your face morning and night to keep your hydrated skin and looking its best. Make sure you use sunscreen with SPF 15-50 every day, even if it’s cloudy outside.

If you’re prone to breakouts, remember to use skin care products that are non-comedogenic to avoid clogging your pores. Once or twice a week, purchase this aloe-vesta cleansing foam to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and uncover newer ones.

Lastly, get treatments like facials and masks to help keep your skin clear and radiant.

Avoid Stress & Get Enough Sleep

Exercise releases endorphins and promotes relaxation, helping keep stress levels in check. Additionally, being active stimulates blood flow, helping flush out toxins in the body.

Getting enough sleep is also essential for achieving clear skin. Aim for seven to nine hours a night, as sleep is vital for the body to repair itself and regenerate skin cells.

Additionally, adequate rest also boosts your immune system, assisting in fighting off acne-causing bacteria. Lastly, eliminate any stress from your life if possible. Stress triggers the overproduction of oil on the skin, resulting in clogged pores, breakouts, and inflammation.

Hydrate Your Skin from the Inside Out

The best way to hydrate skin from the inside out is to drink enough liquids throughout the day and take at least two liters of water daily. But, it does not have to be all water – electrolyte-rich drinks, herbal teas, vegetable juice, soups, and low-sugar fruit juices can also provide much-needed hydration.

Additionally, it is essential to include plenty of skin-healthy foods in the diet, such as fatty fish, avocados, and nuts. Finally, hydrating facial products such as toners, serums, and moisturizing sunscreen should protect and nourish the skin.

Simple Tips for Clear Skin

With some dedication, you’ll be well on your way to achieving optimal complexion! When it comes to having clear skin, it is essential to follow the best tips to keep your skin looking healthy, and if needed, seek help from experts from ArabiaMD.

Understanding the proper lifestyle habits, such as eating well, keeping hydrated, and limiting sun exposure, can all play a role in achieving clearer skin. If you want to achieve and maintain clear skin, keep these tips in mind and seek out the help of a dermatologist if needed.

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