Since the average person spends about seven hours a week cleaning out their junk drawer, redecorating your house is a great way to cut back on clutter and discover things you’ve forgotten about.

The most common reason people redecorate a room is to adjust to life changes. Whether you are celebrating a special event, adjusting to a new baby, or leaving a relationship or a job, there’s a reason you need to redecorate your space and paint a bedroom.

Even if you are staying at the same job or in the same relationship, adding a new coat of paint gives you a chance to start fresh and makes your house feel less stagnant.

Are you set on repainting your room? Read this guide to learn how to paint a bedroom.

Preparing the Bedroom for Painting

Preparing the bedroom for painting can be time-consuming, but it needs to for a good, long-lasting result.

Start by removing all furniture and accessories from the room and covering them with drop cloths. Fill any holes or cracks in the walls with spackle or joint compound and let it dry.

Dust the surfaces and then prime the walls. This helps to cover up any imperfections. If you will be painting over wallpaper, sand the wallpaper to give it some texture.

Finally, lay down drop cloths on the floor and tape off areas such as around baseboards, trim, and windows so that only the walls will be painted. All these painstaking steps ensure that the beautiful coat of paint goes on.

Choosing the Best Paint for Your Room

Picking the right paint can make a huge difference in a room, so it’s important to choose the right one. You should first decide if you want oil-based or latex-based paint.

Oil-based products dry more and need more ventilation than their latex counterparts, but they are more durable and water-resistant.

Making the Perfect Color Selection

Making the perfect color selection for a project can seem like a daunting task on how to paint a bedroom. Yet, with a few simple principles in mind, the process can become much easier. Think about the colors that best suit the purpose of the project.

Is the project artistic, professional, or fun? Hiring interior painters can be a great help in painting a bedroom.

Different colors will also induce different moods, so the right colors will give an effect that meets the project’s goals and objectives. Use colors that work together in harmony. One must consider the tone, shade, and color contrast when deciding whether they mesh together.

Learning How to Paint a Bedroom Like a Pro

The first thing to consider on how to paint a bedroom is to prepare the room. Remove furniture, cover the floors and other surfaces, clean the walls, and tape off any moldings, trim, or doorways. 

Don’t forget to buy enough paint, using a paint calculator to estimate how much you’ll need to cover the walls and ceilings. Once you’ve completed these steps, start with the ceiling, then the walls, and finally, the trim. Make sure to use paint edgers which allow for straight lines, and use a roller for large surfaces.

Open any windows for ventilation and allow the new paint to dry for the timeframe specified on the paint can. Following these steps will help you to paint your bedroom and will ensure a beautiful and long-lasting result.

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