With over 700,000 residents and 84 million visitors each year, Denver is the most populated and frequented city in Colorado. It’s a no-brainer why advertising on Denver billboards is a great idea to get exposure for your business. With so many different ways to market your business, you may be wondering what is the best way, luckily we have a guide to advertising in Denver that is sure to help reach your goals.


The Denver metropolitan area is an excellent place to advertise in general, but probably the most impactful medium is Denver billboards. A billboard generally comes in two formats, traditional and digital. A traditional billboard is rotated manually by workers who roll on your advertisement in places that will get increase your cost per mile as impressions from those driving on the highway can be in the millions. Digital Denver billboards are a great tool as well, they exist on screens large and small, whether it’s a giant screen displayed by a highway or a smaller format screen near a bus stop, your vibrant ad will be seen by those on foot, bike, or car. Billboards allow for large graphics to make a big impact, many have gone to the digital format because it allows businesses to submit updates or changes that can be implemented almost instantly.

Tourist Attractions

Colorado is known for its beautiful mountainous landscape which is why so many people want to live there or visit, Denver just so happens to be a modern city tucked in the center of this mesmerizing state. Tourists attractions like the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, 16th Street Mall, and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts are all frequented by millions of people every year and almost all of them offer some sort of marketing opportunities like selling ads in guides, storefronts, and with sponsorships. Look to partner with businesses that align with your goals, if you are opening a restaurant think about tourist attractions that can funnel customers in as one of their recommended places to eat in their own local guide.

Social Media

Denver has a rather large population and furthermore, many visitors are online looking for things to do, places to eat, and places to shop at. Using target keywords for the area you serve or are located in will help people find you easily and allow social media platforms to push your ad to those with the right geographic location. Advertisements on social media should be eye-grabbing, short, and have a call to action like signing up to follow, take a class, or visit your business. With so many people constantly using social media, it’s easy to get those living and visiting Denver to check out what you have to offer.

Sports Stadiums

Denver is a sport-loving city with all major league sports supported like the Denver Nuggets, Avalanche, Broncos, Rockies, and Rapids. Each of these teams has its own stadium to play in which means plenty of advertising opportunities for your company. Pamphlets, billboards, and chances to give away marketing materials are always available at sporting events, if you have a chiropractor practice it’s the perfect type of business to offer fans who may play sports themselves and follow a healthy lifestyle. 


The Denver area has 28 different institutions for higher learning, and what those students may need is your business services. Colleges offer plenty of advertising opportunities but it’s just about finding which is the best fit for you. Handing out paper ads, coupons, and pamphlets may be one way to gain notoriety by word of mouth, but you could also place billboards nearby or advertise in the school’s newspaper. Getting involved with on-campus events will help your business grow with the student body, they not only can use your service now but they may become lifetime customers who can come back to get whatever product it is you have to offer.


Denver International Airport is the largest in the United States and the second largest in the entire world. With an enormous airport comes plenty of places to place your ads, from traditional billboards, digital billboards, banners, partnerships with other businesses, and having your ad printed at the bottom of those handy TSA bins. With so much square footage, it’s easy to find a medium that is affordable for your business needs.

Street Furniture

Every city has rental scooters, bikes, transit shelters, benches, and other types of street furniture that move and need your advertisements. Those who are commuting normally have to wait by street furniture and will see your ad on a daily basis, this makes it an opportune time to create a call to action campaign to convert customers long-term. 

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