80.84% of American adults surveyed admitted to having travel plans in the summer of 2022. This happened despite inflation and the Ukrainian/Russian conflict. It seems nothing can keep Americans from their vacations.

The summer of 2023 might follow suit. Therefore, you should find travel accommodations before they fill up. However, you have to make the right choice or you may find yourself having a terrible time.

Read on to learn about the different types of accommodation. This information should help you while you’re making your vacation plans.

Tips For Choosing Types of Accommodation

Make sure that you make a list of everything you want your travel lodgings to have. You should also make sure to make a proper budget. This will help you ensure that you don’t render yourself broke for your vacation.

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Hotel Stays

Most people have experienced hotel stays before. They’re arguably one of the most popular types of travel lodgings.

This likely has happened because they offer a lot of tourist amenities. Most hotels offer spas, pools, room service, concierge service, fitness centers, and more.

You will also find that many hotels sit close to tourist activities and transport. So you can stay at them and then easily get to airports, subways, and vacation activities. It’s not unusual to find hotels near Atlanta zoo as well. This is great for kids and family entertainment!

Apartment Stays

Yes, apartments are not just for permanent residency. Many landlords offer their apartments for holiday rentals.

This can act as the perfect solution for stays of a month or more. However, some places may allow you to stay at an apartment for a week or so. The exact allowances vary from landlord to landlord.

You can find apartments in a wide variety of areas. Yet, you’ll most likely find them in large urban centers. Here, you can easily access all the amenities you’ll need.

Aparthotel Stays

Can you not choose between an apartment and a hotel? As it turns out, you don’t have to. In the world of travel lodgings, there exists a hybrid called an aparthotel.

With this type of model, you get apartment accommodations with hotel convenience. Along with a bedroom and bathroom, tourists also get a complete living room and kitchen setup. Guests can also enjoy many of the tourist accommodations that hotels offer.

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Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many types of accommodation available to you. Consider doing some research about the different ways that you can travel. This will help you make your vacation the best it can be.

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