Who doesn’t love a heated toilet seat on cold winter mornings?

It’s often the little amenities of life that make us most appreciative, and our toilets are among the best examples of that. But when our toilets are running and using up all our water, all the luxuries in the world can’t help but leave us feeling annoyed.

Wouldn’t you love to get to the bottom of your running toilet to prevent further water waste? Perhaps you already have.

This is the article for you! Keep reading for a full breakdown of the possible causes and potential solutions for toilet running issues.

Fill Valve Malfunctions and Leaks

A common cause of your toilet running is a malfunctioning or broken fill valve. This is the valve in the tank of your toilet that is responsible for filling it with water after it is flushed. If the fill valve is loose or the seal has worn away, water may constantly be running into the tank and subsequently overflowing the toilet.

To fix any fill valve issue, you should first ensure the valve is completely seated and that the seal is intact; otherwise, you need to replace it. You may have to contact an expert in this like the Mcreynolds plumbing. They may specializes in all kinds of plumbing repairs, including fill valve issues.

Clogs and Other Blockages

Clogs and other blockages are one of the most common toilet problems. This is caused when there are too many solids, like tissue, toys, etc. that collect and clog up the toilet’s pathways preventing waste from flowing freely.

Blockages can also occur when tree roots invade and block the pipes. To prevent clogs, always use only enough toilet paper that is necessary and never flush tissues, paper towels, wipes, or other non-biodegradable items

You Need to Lower the Float

When your toilet is running, it’s important to check the float to determine if that needs to be adjusted. The float is a device located in the tank that controls the amount of water that fills the tank.

If the float is set too high, it can cause the tank to fill up too much and the water will overflow and run constantly. The solution to this issue is to lower the float. This can be done with the adjustment lever or wheel located on the float itself.

Check the Flapper

If your toilet is running, it’s usually due to an issue with the flapper. A flapper is an important part of a toilet; it is a rubber seal that is located in the tank and keeps the water from flowing down the drain when the toilet is not being flushed.

If the flapper is not correctly aligned or is broken, water will continuously run down the drain. You can check the flapper by turning off the water supply, flushing the toilet, and then checking the flapper. 

Diagnose and Resolve Toilet Running Issues

Although annoying, toilet running issues can be fixed fairly easily. Through understanding the possible causes and solutions, homeowners can quickly identify the source of the problem and take corrective action.

For more complex issues, contact a local plumbing expert for assistance. Let us help you identify and fix your running toilet today!

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