Studies show that 48 million households own a dog making the animal the most popularly owned pet in the US. As you may know, dogs are commonly referred to as man’s best friend, but have you ever stopped to think about why? Why are dogs the most desired pet? 

Our guide sheds some light on the reasons for getting a dog that makes the animal so popular. That way, you can decide once and for all if adopting a dog is right for you. 

Read on to find out more about the benefits of dogs: 

1. Dogs Help Treat Depression, Anxiety, and Loneliness  

Dogs are notorious for comforting their owners, so much so that researchers have found that dogs can ease feelings of worry and stress. Just petting a dog lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and slows your breathing so you’re calm and content.  

Dogs are even natural mood boosters. Looking at a dog raises your love hormone, making you feel happy and relaxed. In fact, studies show that if you own a dog, you’re less likely to get depression. 

If you often feel sad, worried, or alone a dog can ease your pain. Adopting a dog can make you feel more at ease, happy with yourself, and content with your surroundings. 

So why not look into adopting? It could be the best decision you have ever made. 

2. Dogs Make Great Exercise Partners  

Walking, running, and cycling are more fun when you have an exercise buddy. Dogs love to be active and need exercise to remain healthy and happy. Since dogs need at least one 15 to 30-minute walk a day, you will become more active without even realizing it. 

Studies show that dog owners are four times more likely to reach their daily fitness goals than non-dog owners. After all, dog owners spend an average of 300 minutes a week just walking their dogs. If you want to get active, adopting a dog may just be the motivation you need to get up and moving.

3. Dogs Can Help Improve Your Social Life 

Meeting new people isn’t easy for everyone, but with a dog by your side, it can make the process a lot smoother. Just think how many times have you stopped what you’re doing, went over to a stranger, and said hello to a furry friend. 

Studies find that walking with a dog makes you look friendly and approachable. Plus, the dog acts as a conversation starter. People may ask you your dog’s name and other questions like your dog’s age or breed. While these are surface-level questions, some people may start to develop a deeper connection as the conversation flows from one topic to another.  

Researchers have even found that 40% of dog owners have an easier time meeting new people and forming friendships thanks to their four-legged buddies. Now, dogs don’t just help you gain friends; they can also increase the chances of romantic relationships. Studies show that 63% of people are more attracted to online profiles that feature a dog; how fascinating!

4. Dogs Can Help Protect You and Your Home  

Dogs are naturally protective of their owners and physical space, making them a great addition to young families or single households. You no longer have to worry about intruders as your dog will deter them from entering your home or causing harm to one of your family members. 

Getting a dog for protection is increasingly becoming a common reason for adopting a dog. However, some breeds are more protective than others because they are more alert, responsive, and loyal to their family. Make sure you research the different types of breeds before selecting a dog.  

5. Dogs Help Kids Learn Responsibility  

Getting a family dog can be a difficult decision, but it’s certainly worth it. Having a dog will naturally teach kids how to be responsible. Your kids will learn how to be dependable for something other than themselves by helping take care of the dog. As a result, they’ll learn about accountability and how to make good choices.  

Plus, dogs can have a positive effect on kids’ mental development. By completing tasks like walking and feeding, kids will feel a sense of pride, and their self of esteem will increase. A dog can even make kids feel relaxed and safe, which will aid their mental development. 

If you have young kids, getting a dog to be their companion will help them learn valuable life lessons. They’ll also have a friend to lean on for years to come. 

6. Getting a Dog Helps You Discover Unique Communities  

Adopting a dog opens up a lot of opportunities to gain friends and find communities to support. There are thousands of tight-night dog communities around the country. You can join a local dog-walking troop or a dog training school. 

You can join breed-specific communities to get advice and learn more about your pup. For example, say you have a labrador; there are labrador groups you can join on Facebook, local labrador clubs, and labrador rescues you can get involved in.  

As for events, there’s simply no shortage. A quick look online, and you can find events for all types of dogs, whether it’s age, breed, or size specific.

These communities not only allow you to socialize with like-minded people but also allow your dog to meet some new friends. Having a dog makes it easier to discover communities both near you and around the country that you can participate in and enjoy.   

Adopt a Dog Today 

Dogs are more than furry friends; they are family. They will try to comfort you when you are down, motivate you to get active, all the while helping you make friends and bond with different communities. Getting a dog has physical, social, and emotional benefits that can help you and you’re family live a happy life. 

However, before you adopt, make sure that you research the best dog breeds for your lifestyle. Not every breed will be right for you. Some require lots of exercise, training, and grooming that, for some individuals, isn’t affordable or practical. 

For more dog information, visit our pet section for innovative tips and advice.

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