If you own a dog or are planning to own one, one concern that you have is for their physical well-being.

One of the major concerns you’ll have with caring for your dog’s health is dog paw injuries. This is one of the major challenges that every dog parent has to deal with sooner or later since dog paw problems can be surprisingly common.

But what are the common reasons behind dog paw injuries? This guide will show you some of these causes and what to do about them.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Dry Paw Pads

Your dog will have pads on their paws that are meant for dealing with rough terrain. But there are some terrains that can cause paw pads to dry up or get cracked.

These can include hot roads or sidewalks, snow, or even excessive licking! If your dog has a foot pad injury, then the best solution is to buy dog booties for injured paws.

This footwear doesn’t have to be permanent but you should wear them until your dog recovers.

You have to make sure that you’re checking your dog’s paws regularly. Consider taking it to a veterinarian every now and then to care for the paws. You might have to wash the paws often or apply medicine to prevent dryness or cracking.

2. Cuts, Abrasions, and Lacerations

This is another common dog injury and one that’s a bit harder to prevent. But you have to be vigilant and look at where your dog is roaming.

For example, let’s say you drop and break a glass in your kitchen. You must prevent your dog from entering the kitchen until you’re sure the glass has been swept.

It’s also tricky if you have a backyard as even small twigs, thorns, or debris can injure your dog’s paws. It’s best to hire a gardener who can regularly clean the backyard to ensure it’s always safe for your dogs.

3. Allergies

Watching out for allergies is a crucial part of ensuring dog health and often, allergies can injure your dog’s paws.

These allergies can cause itching and irritation in the paws. As a result, your dog will lick their paws to alleviate the pain. But this excessive licking, as mentioned earlier, can lead to dryness.

In this scenario, you must take your dog to the veterinarian to check for allergies. Your veterinarian might advise medicine and other precautions to take to prevent further injury.

Regular checkups with the veterinarian are also highly recommended.

Prevent These Dog Paw Injuries

Now you know the common dog paw injuries and how to prevent them and treat them if needed.

Dry paws are often caused when your dog roams on rough, dry, hot, or cold terrain. Consider buying them shoes until their paws recover. 

Their paws can also receive injuries if they tread on sharp objects. You’ll have to ensure that your home’s interior and exterior are always clean. Make sure you also keep an eye on any allergies your dog has.

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