In the US, 70% of households own a pet, which is the equivalent of 90.5 million homes!

Having a furry friend around can do wonders for your mental health, especially if you live alone. A companion that gives you unconditional love can lift your spirits, enabling you to achieve things you never thought were possible.

If this sounds inspiring, then you might be itching to go pick up a new member of your household. But hold your horses; here are five things you should do when you get a new pet.

1. Pet-Proof Your House

Just like babies, pets will want to explore their new surroundings with all their senses. This means they might walk all over things, jump on them, and even taste them.

Before you bring a new pet home, go through your property and make sure all dangerous objects (including chemicals) are out of reach. Check that all locks on doors and windows work, and that surfaces are clear of items that might get knocked over.

2. Find a Good Vet

It’s inevitable that your pet will go through some health issues and scares. Even without those, you need to bring them in for an initial checkup, then the following ones, as your vet suggests.

Do some online research to see which vets have good reviews. If you’re adopting an exotic animal, then make sure they specialize in these critters too.

3. Get Pet Insurance

Pets need insurance like humans do. You never know if they’ll get a disease or disorder. Or they might get in an accident and suffer from injuries.

Fortunately, pet insurance isn’t expensive. It’s a small price to pay to get peace of mind about your furry friend’s health.

4. Set Up Your House to Be Welcoming

It can be scary to be uprooted from your familiar surroundings. So do your best to make your home as welcoming as possible!

Some great items to have include:

Depending on the animal you get, you may also need a cage or crate.

5. Sign Up for Pet Training

New pet training can be beneficial for animals like dogs. By starting your puppy early, you can avoid behavioral issues, which can stress out not just your dog, but also you and your neighbors.

There are also training options for other animals, but you may not be able to find classes. In that case, check YouTube videos to see what you can learn!

Make Sure Your New Pet Feels at Home

It’s exciting to get a new pet. But before you rush out to look at your options, you need to make some preparations.

By being a responsible pet owner, you’ll make things easier for both you and your buddy. As a result, they’ll be grateful to be under your care!

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