Smart tech has been gradually filtering into our world in recent years, with everything from the cars we drive to the offices we work in being kitted out with the latest devices. It’s likely you’ve already got some smart tech in your home.

But if you want to go all-out and make your home fully automated, here are some top tips to make your property technologically advanced.  

What is a smart home?

Put simply, a smart home is a home that’s fully equipped with all the tech needed to remotely control different elements. This includes everything from the lighting and the heating to electronic devices like the cooker and the microwave.

Using your smartphone or computer, you can activate sensors to get devices working. This means you can turn your heating on while you’re on the way home from the office or pop the oven on while you’re still in the supermarket buying what you need for your meal.

Why choose to go smart?

There are several reasons why you might consider going smart. First, many of us are working differently now. Where many of us were fully office-based, we’re spending more time at home. This means that we’re more likely to spot opportunities to make everyday tasks easier and stress-free, hence the introduction of smart tech.

Another reason for going smart is to live more sustainably. If you can control the lighting and devices off remotely, for instance, you can ensure you’re only using the energy you need. Likewise, smart meters can be good for reducing energy waste. This is because you can set your thermostat and keep track of the energy you use as you go.

How to go smart

Ready to make your home smart? Here are some ways you can do just that:

  • Invest in a smart hub: Things like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are hubs that can be voice controlled. While they’re great for recreational things like telling us facts and playing music, they’re also handy tools for telling us the weather, storing shopping lists and for use as a timer.
  • Make your own: If you don’t have smart appliances but would like to make your existing ones smart, it’s possible to do so. You can use something like OKdo Rock, a single-board computer, to program your appliances, making them work remotely. This can be an interesting, yet rewarding, project to take on.
  • Choose smart appliances: Lighting, speakers and security cameras all have smart equivalents now. Take the time to research the model that suits you and your home and introduce the latest devices.

Ready to make your home smart? Browse the different options that could work perfectly in your current setup and you’ll soon find that life is a whole lot more streamlined and straightforward.

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