Thinking of buying a new car? When it comes to ordering directly from the manufacturer, personalisation is one of the biggest perks. With so many optional extras from which to choose, there’s no easier way to truly make the car feel like your own.

From custom paint schemes to dynamic indicator lights, you might have your eyes on a few additional features. But which ones are truly worth the cost and potentially add long-lasting value to your car, along with your driving experience? The world’s best-selling cars in 2023 are sure to include innovative features, but there are still a few more you could add.

We’ve outlined a few of our top picks in the following article.                                                           

Optional extras: Our top 5 most valuable features for a new car

  1. Heated seats

Heated seats are sometimes seen as luxurious, even though many new car models include this feature for the driver and passenger seats. In colder climates or throughout the intermediate (and unpredictable) seasonal weather in the UK, heated seats could be invaluable.

With your chosen vehicle model, you might be able to add heated seats for your passengers in the back, too. And if they’re not already included in the front, it’s certainly worth checking with the manufacturer if you’re expecting to drive in cold conditions – or to help you warm up quickly after long winter excursions on foot!

  • Spare wheel

Even though it might seem like common sense, most new cars don’t come with a spare wheel included as standard. If you’ve chosen a large family estate car or your model happens to come with dedicated space for a spare wheel, it’s certainly worth investing in one.

On certain models, like the Land Rover Discovery, you could even fit a spare wheel to the back of the car. Wherever you store it, keeping a spare wheel in the car means you can quickly repair a puncture yourself and get back on the road – without calling for assistance.

When you buy a spare wheel, it’s possible that it could come without a tyre or fitted with a factory-issue model. If you’d prefer to get rolling with a set of the same tyres, it’s a good idea to buy spare car tyres online and fit one to your spare wheel.

  • Wireless charging

With mobile technologies becoming even more advanced, wireless charging is prevalent. In the car, you might’ve previously been used to plugging a USB charging cable into an adapter within the cigarette lighter compartment. However, there’s now a much more streamlined approach.

When you upgrade your car to include a wireless phone charging pad, you can quickly put your phone on charge without the need for surplus cables or accessories.

  • Park-assist technologies

Parking doesn’t always feel straightforward. But when you choose to upgrade your car with blind spot detectors, including additional cameras and sensors, you’ll feel confident in tackling even the most complex manoeuvres. And when these gadgets are paired with one of the best dash cams for your car, you’ll be as safe as possible.

From navigating blind, narrow roads to parallel parking on a busy road, features including blind spot detectors could transform your everyday driving experience – and contribute to a higher resale value for your car, too.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

Last, but not least, ensuring Bluetooth connectivity in your new car will certainly make life more convenient – and add a little bit of ambience if you listen to your favourite songs on those late-night drives.

As well as providing one of the easiest ways to listen to your own music in the car, rather than the radio, Bluetooth connectivity may also enable you to accept incoming calls without needing to touch your phone. Not only is this incredibly handy,

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