It’s easy to overlook the importance of your bedroom aesthetic when few people are going to see it. The truth is that you do a lot of important unwinding, relaxing, and sleeping in your bedroom, and you deserve a bedroom interior that you love.

There are plenty of ways to approach bedroom design improvement, from decluttering to investing in upscale bedding. Today, we’re going to talk about one choice that can make a huge difference: bed designs.

You’re in the right place if you aren’t in love with your current bedframe. We will talk about the most popular bedframe designs and what types of bedrooms they serve best.

Read on to learn all about bed designs and how to choose the right one for your bedroom.

Canopy Bed Designs

Canopy bed frames are typically high off the ground, with one tall post in each corner. Often, these posts are even in height. They get the name “canopy” because you can use the posts to hold up an overhead cloth or mesh canopy, but you can also forgo the canopy and enjoy the elegant design.

Canopy bed frames are large and eye-catching. They are ideal for large bedrooms and are often found in the primary bedroom of a household. They tend to pair best with more classic, feminine design styles.

Sleigh Bed Designs

As the name suggests, sleigh bed frames are built in the shape of a sleigh. They have a large headboard and footboard, which can be even in size or asymmetrical, with a taller headboard and a shorter footboard. These headboards and footboards range from plain and modern to ornate.

Once again, sleigh bed designs are best suited to large bedrooms. Keep in mind that if you have a television in your room, you will want to pay close attention to the size of the footboard and the location of your TV, or you may risk blocking your view.

Platform Bed Designs

Platform bed frames have a vintage, stylish feel. Modern platform beds are wildly popular these days, and you can find styles to align with any aesthetic, from mid-century modern to industrial chic. The flat slats that eliminate the need for a box spring are what set platform beds apart.

Platform bed frames are ideal for anyone that doesn’t want to spend extra money on a box spring, has a lower ceiling, or wants to keep their overall bedroom aesthetic simple.

Divan Bed Designs

Divan bed frames come in all shapes and sizes, but their defining feature is the built-in storage. A divan bed frame has slide-out storage cabinets lining the bottom. While this means you don’t have extra space between the bed frame and the floor, you certainly don’t lose storage space, as it’s built right in.

Divan bed frames are great for anyone with a storage crunch. It can reduce the need for closets and dressers, allowing space to stash your clothing, extra bedding, books, and other personal items. It’s worth noting that divan bed designs aren’t always cheap, so be prepared to invest.

Ottoman Bed Designs

Looking for an alternative storage solution? Ottoman bed frames are just like their footstool counterparts. You rest your mattress on a large horizontal frame that you can lift to one side to access the storage space below. Don’t worry. The hinges bear most of the weight.

Ottoman bed designs are excellent if you need storage space but don’t want to add visual clutter in the form of cabinets and handles. However, you may not want to use an ottoman bed frame if you share your bed. If someone else is sleeping away, you won’t be able to get to your stored items.

Trundle Bed Designs

Trundle bed frames hide a second bed beneath the first. All you have to do is pull the second bed out and leave it low to the ground or pop it up, and you’ve got a second place to sleep. When you don’t want to use it, you can store it away and free up floor space.

Trundle bed designs are used primarily in guest rooms or children’s rooms. They don’t leave any room for under-bed storage, but the ability to hide away a second bed is undoubtedly a space saver.

Loft Bed Designs

Loft bed frames are the tallest bed frame available, holding your mattress at least four to five feet above the ground. The purpose is to free up enough space below for functional usage. Many people put desks, sofas, or bookshelves beneath their loft beds.

The loft design solves a severe space issue. If your room is too small for anything but one large piece of furniture, consider a loft bed to get more out of your room. Remember that you will have to climb a ladder to get into bed, so this bed design is not ideal for anyone with low ceilings or limited mobility.

Wrought Iron Bed Designs

Wrought iron bed frames come in all shapes and sizes, making this more of an umbrella term than a specific bed design. The most straightforward wrought iron bed frame consists of nothing more than the feet to hold your bed a few inches off the ground and the horizontal slats for your box spring and mattress.

A simple wrought iron bed frame is one of the cheapest bed frames you can find. It keeps your mattress off the floor and opens up enough space below to store small bins, boxes, and shoes. This is a great bed frame for anyone who often moves because wrought iron is a durable material that won’t break or bend in a moving van.

Upgrade Your Bedroom With a New Bed Frame

Consider starting with a new bed frame if your bedroom interior needs a serious upgrade. Bed designs can make a huge difference to the aesthetic of your bedroom as well as the scale and function of your layout.

Looking for more ways to upgrade your interior design? Take a look around for more helpful tips, tricks, and guides.

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