Two-thirds of all homes in the United States have a garage or a similar area for a car, and many homeowners use these areas for storage. This is not everyone though, and many others struggle to find space in their small home for everything they own. Are you one of those people?

Below we have listed some small house storage ideas to help anyone struggling to find space to fit all their belongings. As you read through, you can think about how they might suit your home. Get started on improving your house’s storage setup today.

1. Use Your Loft

While you might not have a garage, there is every chance that if you have a house you have a loft. You could always look into loft storage to improve your options when it comes to putting things away.

Now, a loft might be harder to access than a garage. For this reason, you should only use it to store things that you know you will not access in a few years. Antiques and other valuables you do not want people to touch are also perfect items to go in this hard-to-reach location.

2. Hidden Storage

Not all storage needs to be visible to the rest of the room. You can hide away many things, especially if they are easy to retrieve when you do need them.

For this reason, you might need to invest in furniture that doubles as storage. For example, sofas that have space within them are popular storage ideas for smaller homes.

Other ideas for locations that can contain hidden storage include footstools and benches. Or, you could even think about installing a Murphy bed into your home.

3. Staggered Shelving

If your bathroom is very small, you might struggle to find space for toiletries and other cosmetics. When installing shelving, it might start to feel like they are encroaching on the limited space that you have.

Instead, when considering bathroom storage ideas, look into staggered shelving. These create an illusion that they are not taking up as much space. Depending on where you install them, they can offer you a clearer view of their contents.

4. “Visible” storage

Instead of hiding away things in your house, you should consider kitchen storage ideas that have things in view instead. Open spaces allow more light to circulate and give a sense of more space in your home. You can use stacked basket shelves or clear plastic to achieve this.

5. Bespoke Holders

For closet storage ideas, think about storing things off of the shelves. Instead of everything taking up space on surfaces, look into holders that can go on walls or the inside of cupboard doors. These can save you space in the cupboard itself.

Other Small House Storage Ideas

Now that you have read the above small house storage ideas, maybe you want to try them out for yourself. Lucky for you, our site has many more articles that can help you make the most of your home. Check out our blog for more information to improve your life moving forward.

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