The interior design industry is worth $150 billion worldwide. But what do residential interior designers do that you can’t?

Not everyone has an eye for design. Even if you enjoy designing, it takes a lot of hard work and skill to bring your vision to life. If you don’t have these skills, looking for residential interior designers is helpful.

Today, we’ll tell you exactly what an interior designer brings to the table and how they can help you transform your home. Keep reading, and you’ll realize that these people aren’t just choosing paint colors and blind styles. They’re highly trained professionals that can breathe new life into an old house.

The Two Styles of Interior Design

There are two ways you can go about hiring an interior designer. You can either have them with you the entire time, designing, supplying, and installing all of the components of your interior design reno. The other option is to have them design a concept for you that you execute as you see fit.

Which you choose will depend on how involved you want the designer to be and how much work you need to do. If it’s a minor renovation and you can make them yourself, having them do the designs probably makes sense.

When you’re doing large-scale projects, it might be better to work with them to create the perfect design, then let them take care of the hard work. They’ll check in with you along the way as you see your house transformed without lifting a finger.

The Interior Design Process, Explained

When you hire residential design services, they’ll evaluate your interior space. Whether it’s one room you’re redoing or the entire house, they’ll use their training and expertise to help you decide the best way to use the space.

They’ll think about functionality and aesthetics, like how to best use the vertical space or open up a small room. They may start by choosing a color scheme, then try to integrate an overarching theme into each space.

Selecting furniture, fixtures, and other design elements is a massive part of what an interior designer brings to the table. They’ll have a good idea of what pieces from different boutiques will fit well within the design. They’ll also be able to pick out wall hangings and other decors to fit the theme you decided upon.

Find Great Residential Interior Designers

With great residential interior designers on your side, there’s nothing you can’t do to your home. Now that you know what they do, you can start searching for the best interior designer in your area and hire them to help you with your renovation. Whether you’re looking to revamp your forever home or flip an investment, an interior designer is an indispensable tool for home transformation.

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